Mobile Lip Gloss Bar
Mobile Lip Gloss Bar

Mobile Lip Gloss Bar

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Experiment with fruity fragrances, shimmer and colors to create the perfect lip gloss. 

Use real chemistry tools, like a pipette and measuring cup, to experiment with your ingredients to create your own signature blends. Then, see the densities of liquid in action as you fill each roller lip gloss container with stellar flavors, colors, and shimmer to create a lava-like effect! 

What's Included:

-2 hour window (we will arrive 30 minutes ahead for setup) 

-Guaranteed fun! You and your guests will create your own custom roller lip gloss. Choose your own colors, scents, and charms (all vegan-friendly formulas and clean beauty products free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals!)

-glitter tattoos 

-nail painting

-a customized favor bag for each guest