Hatch & Grow Seed Kit

Hatch & Grow Seed Kit

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The Details
Oversized eco-friendly pulp "eggs" are the perfect Easter basket addition! Each features four colorful seed balls inside to start your Spring garden. Varieties include: Wildflower, Herbs, Wellness and Spring Veggie

Wildflower: includes a non-invasive wildflower seed assortment of Lavender Hyssop, Black-Eyed Susan, Callistephus Duchesse, Mixed Aster, Wild Bergamot. This curated seed collection yields beautiful blooms and provides a habitat for vitally important pollinators.

Fresh Herbs: includes Mint Basil and Parsley - a selection of easy to use and versatile herbs for cooking.

Wellness: includes Sage Lavender and Echinacea seeds – a selection of medicinal herbs known for their healing properties.

Spring Veggie: includes a Lettuce blend Carrots and Turnips. This seed collection will get you started on a bountiful summer garden. 

As your plants grow, you can transplant them into a bigger pot or even directly into the ground (depending on your location).


  • 3” d x 6” h
  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported components
  • Includes
    • 4 Hatch & Grow Garden Poppers: 1 Wildflower, 1 Wellness, 1 Spring Veggie, 1 Fresh Herbs
    • 4 Seed Balls per Egg
    • Mixed Organic and Non-GMO Seeds
    • Molded Pulp, Seed Balls, Coco, Planting Instructions
    • FAQs
      When should I start this kit?
      Seed Kits can be started up to 2 weeks before the last frost date. 
      How do I plant?
      Push seed balls 2⁄3 of the way in soil and space 10”–12” apart. Do not bury. Plant in a location with full sun and after the threat of frost has passed. Keep area moist until sprouts pop. Then water as needed based on climate and weather conditions. Increase watering frequency on hot summer days. Wait, watch and grow! Sprouts will appear in 1–3 weeks.