Knit Cotton Bloomer & Top Set
Knit Cotton Bloomer & Top Set

Knit Cotton Bloomer & Top Set

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Three-piece set consisting of a sweater, a bonnet with floral plumeti fabric, and pants with a ribbed cotton jersey foot and elastic waistband. Textured muslin crossover sweater, fastens with a popper on the inside and bow on the outside.


About snug:

It all started in Porto (Portugal), when a designer’s passion met the 40 years' experience of a Portuguese textile company. From this synergy between two forces that put so much love in what they do, a new brand was born: Snug.

The dream was crystal clear: to create and develop a new line of baby products, up to 24 months old. Make unique, affordable and exceptional quality pieces. Pieces that lasted generations, that told stories. And this is what we have been doing ever since.

This is Snug’s story.