Wheelbrightz Bundle Pack
Wheelbrightz Bundle Pack

Wheelbrightz Bundle Pack

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Deck out your whole bike with one easy bundle pack! Each bundle pack includes two WheelBrightz, one CosmicBrightz, and all the installation pieces you need to wrap both wheels and your bike frame so you can roll into the night in style.

Package Includes:   

  • 2 WheelBrightz LED light strings with battery pack
  • 1 CosmicBrightz LED light string with battery pack
  • 3 silicon straps for mounting the battery packs
  • 12 (6 per wheel) cable ties to secure WheelBrightz light strings
  • 1 cable tie to secure CosmicBrightz light strings
  • Requires 9 AA batteries (not included)
  • Instructions for WheelBrightz and CosmicBrightz