Tumble Down Activity Game

Tumble Down Activity Game

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Remove a block then stack it on top, make the tower tall without making it fall!

Includes: 48 Wooden blocks - 24 challenge blocks & 24 blank blocks

Set up: Set up the tower on a flat surface. Lay 3 blocks in each layer, perpendicular to the first. Make sure to place all blocks with words face down. Your tower will be 16 layers tall when complete.

Let's play: The player who built the tower goes first. Roll the die and carefully remove a block from any layer except the topmost. The color of this block should match the color that comes up on the die. Push or pull the block as you like without disturbing the stability if the tower. Make sure to use just one hand to do so! Now flip the block over & complete the challenge if there is one. Then place the block back on top if the stack completing a three block layer before starting a new one. The person on your left goes next.

The Winner: The last player to stack a block without making the tower fall is the WINNER!!

Pssr...make your own challenges! Use the blank blocks to write down challenges to make the game even more fun! All you need is a permanent marker and a creative mind!