Cute Rider: Panda
Cute Rider: Panda

Cute Rider: Panda

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Cute Rider is a ride-on toy that physically engages children in fun and stimulating adventures that develop muscle strength, balance, and coordination. Kids ages 1-5 sit comfortably on a strong, anti-slip plastic seat and hold the Panda's ears for support. They then kick their feet to get the Cute Rider rolling and spinning quietly over the floor. The Cute Rider can move in any direction kids want to go - forward, backward, sideways, or in a circle - as the wheels turn 360 degrees. Cute Rider is also fun to scoot, push, and play with when kids aren't riding it. There's also a playtime bonus of a secret cargo space under the seat where kids can put their toys. For indoor use only. Best on hard-surface floors.

Cute Rider is made of durable recyclable plastic, and equipped with silent, soft wheels. Corners are rounded and have no sharp edges. Non-toxic, BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Seat height = 9.8"
Height from floor to top of ears = 11.4"
Length = 19.7"
Width = 9.8"
Max weight = 88 pounds

For over 30 years, Viking Toys has specialized in designing and manufacturing the safest, most durable toys on the market. Our toys are designed to stimulate children's imagination, develop linear and narrative thinking abilities through play and storytelling, and develop coordination and motor skills. This is the foundation of our success, and it has made our toys extremely popular with kids and parents alike.

As with all Viking Toys products, you can expect the 5 S’s – STRONG, SOFT, SAFE, SILENT and SIMPLE.